Whether you're an entrepreneur just wetting your feet or you're a seasoned executive, reclaim your time with the help of our superstar assistants. Perhaps you're looking for some one-off help with a project or you need to add some supporting resource to your current staff but you don't want to commit to an additional FTE, Rosie Remotely's assistants work on either an hourly rate, a project rate or a monthly package deal and allow you to truly customise your level of assistance to what best suits your business. Rosie Remotely's highly skilled and capable virtual assistants are the best of

the best - leaders in their fields, proactive and experienced, highly organised and creative. Whether you need a little help with scheduling or you need an entire overhaul of your company processes, we have an assistant whose skill level is best suited to your business requirement. 

Our assistants are administration professionals, writers, event managers, travel agents, graphic designers, web designers, business analysts, executive and personal assistants and the list goes on! Our varied backgrounds make us the perfect one-stop shop for your business needs.

It's not enough to be busy, so are the ants - the question is         "what are we busy about"? - Henry David Thoreau