Is your IT network simply a mess of systems piggybacking off each other? Is it no longer meeting your requirements? Are you looking to overhaul your IT systems or simply review how you're using them and how you could be doing so more efficiently? 

Let Rosie Remotely do the leg work for you! While an IT company can assess you systems and tell you ways to combat issues or futureproof, they can't get down to the nitty gritty of just exactly why your systems aren't working  and often this means you're back in the same position within a few years because you've been using them inefficiently. 

Our forte is in placing one of our highly skilled team into your company in an administrative capacity (Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Office Manager etc) to review the systems from an indepth process level to see how you're using your systems, why you use them the way you do and identify both ways to use them more efficiently or new systems that could drastically improve your business operations. 

This can also be completed by consultation with one of our analysts contracting to you for a set period and spending time with staff in various areas of the business to understand your processes, what works, what doesn't and how we can make your business run more smoothly and efficiently.

Having done this for numerous companies, the cost savings and efficiency spikes alone are cause for celebration but it's in seeing the new systems adopted with full employee buy-in that is the cherry for us.

Some achievements:

  1. This leading Fire Service company used us to overhaul their filing systems which were all in hardcopy, instead transferring them to a SharePoint based system with fully automated forms instead of hard copy documents allowing for a tremendous and measurable improvement in processing and FTE time management.

  2. A saving of $500,000 for a leading NZ electrical engineering company that had sought to bolster their current IT offering with three new IT systems and a new server farm, we reviewed the way they were using their current systems and found that all the issues could be addressed by moving to a SharePoint based system for which they were already paying for (through Office365) and reviewed how they were storing data to find 4TB of duplicated files, freeing up enough space to mean no additional servers were necessary.

  3. This government entity was using a host company in Wellington to look after both email and file storage. This meant repeated and consistent issues accessing files as the storage was not intended as a permanent solution and had a penchant to drop out for days on end. Reviewed the way they were utilising their current IT system and the issues surrounding Mac and PC incompatibilities within the office. Moved the two PC employees to Mac, utilised the existing server to create the space needed to move their virtual file store away from the host company to their own offices to allow for faster draw-down with seamless transition.



*Some restrictions will apply. All virtual assistants sign a full confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with each client. Hourly rate is exclusive of disbursements - i.e.  GST, postage and packaging, courier fees or phone calls, vehicle mileage, travel time, car parking, consumables (USB drives/ HDD etc), printing, photocopying or binding consumables. Full payment is due within seven (7) working days of invoice date by online banking or credit card. Overdue invoices will incur a late payment fee. A surcharge will apply on public holidays. Monthly memberships are based on a minimum term of three months. Minimum charge for hourly rate projects is one (1) hour.